Jack Joyce


Programming and media innovation

This project was interactive using a Arduino and a program written on Max 7. The videos were captured on two IPhones side by side. Compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro - where the clips were also colored properly.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.27.38 PM.png

Makeshift 3d - less EXPERIENCE

This project was filmed using a 360 camera by Samsung. I 3D printed a mount for a DJI Mavic Pro that I could attach a camera to. There was no stabilization except for in post. The video was encoded as 360 in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media encoder. The video can be played and scrolled through on mobile or desktop, and can also be watched in VR using YouTube’s playback menu.


beginner virtual tour

This project is a compilation of photos taken and stitched together on a 360 camera mounted on a tripod around the Illinois State University campus. The tour was meant to act as a tour for potential students who can’t financially make it to the campus for a day tour. The interactive tour can also be viewed in VR, and has facts of the university embedded.


Expanding media

This project started with a drawing of octopus tentacles. I used image trace to put into Adobe Illustrator, then cut the shapes into Vinyl. This work is still alive in Uptown Normal.



This is a series of animations I have created.


Web Development


Personal Projects


Videos done for internships at Doola Creative Shop and Willow Creek Community Church


Personal work

Work done for myself and others through my name